Monday, September 1, 2014

Labor day!

Another summer is done! No complaints here- we had a lovely summer and I am kind of itching to get back into school.  I have a full class this year- 8 students! We had four kindergartners pop out of the woodwork, and they will be joining my already awesome group of 4 (one moved at the end of the school year and one was moved across the hall, as I normally have 6). We are going to be super busy, especially since we are rolling out a new curriculum.  Lots to learn this year, and this first month is sure to be a doozy.

B had a rough end to summer at work.  His boss passed away and her son took over the office.  He has done an awesome job though, and hit a higher quota than ever before!  I am so proud of him and the way he has powered through all of these changes.  He is so much stronger than he often gives himself credit for, and I am glad I have him in my life, even when we disagree on chores :P

But as it is Labor Day weekend, or rather, the end of Labor Day weekend, it is time for me to be grateful again.  I am often grateful in my day to day life, but a moment today humbled me.  B and I received a generous gift that will help us meet our goal even faster.  We were so excited when we met the IVF goal earlier this month, but still knew we had a bit of a way to go to hit the $3500 in meds that are left (we bought $1150 of the meds at the end of last year with my FSA and will be putting the $1228 left from my FSA towards this cost), as well as the ICSI portion of $2400.  That means we are still looking at about $4700 left to save at this point.  And there are still some rebates for meds that we should be receiving which will be less than $300, but believe me, every.cent.counts. and I am absolutely NOT complaining!

So grateful is probably an understatement.  B and I were shocked, as it was very unexpected.  And the awesome people wanted to give this gift on Labor Day because, well... they hope I'll be having my own "labor day" sometime next year.  I won't lie.  I cried.  Those were the first tears I have allowed myself over IVF in the last year.  But I am proud to report that they were happy tears, not tears of desperation.  I cannot even find the words to express how wonderful it is to cry happy tears over all of this, especially with waiting so long after our last attempt. Thank you for this wonderful gift... the money means everything, but the love in which it was given means even more.

So, enjoy these last few hours of Labor Day... I know I am cherishing every last moment.