Sunday, February 16, 2014

Life Goes On

Since starting this blog, I have found myself more at peace with our decision to "come out," and it has become even easier to talk about with family and friends.  It's almost as if a huge weight has been lifted! My post tonight isn't about the weight of IF.  I like to rejoice in the good times, not just wallow in the sad.

So, Valentine's just passed... of course, it's truly "just another day." I get all the hype of "manufactured holiday" and all the comments about "showing love all the time, not just one specific day." I've never been a huge V-day person.  I enjoy it for the little things we do for each other, the cutesy cards, and the special date night (whether out or at home).  Since becoming a teacher though, it has taken on a different meaning for me.

I enjoy doing little holiday parties for the kids. I love seeing the little cards they make, and decorating bags/mailboxes to collect the valentine's in.  I enjoy shopping around for something fun to give my students.  This year, I scored popular cartoon DVD's for $1 at Target (LOVE), and found an Owl DIY card kit.  It was perfect for us, especially since Owls are our theme this year (I know, soooo over done, but soooo cute!!).  We had fun dressing in cute clothes, and sharing brownies and cupcakes at our party.

Valentine's Day is also when B proposed to me, despite much teasing (prior to the proposal) about how cliche it would be.  Now, I am glad he did it.  It makes it have a little more meaning for us... and a million other couples... but it gives us a little something extra to look forward to on the 14th of every February.

I remember the proposal like it was yesterday... I was living in my apartment in Virginia Beach, B lived in Richmond.  We both had to work that day, so we knew we wouldn't see each other.  My parents had invited me out to dinner, so I came home from work and began preparing for my night.  There was a knock on the door, and I looked out, but no one was there.  I opened the door, and B was standing to the side near the stairs.  We were both really excited to see each other!  I let him in, excitedly talking, saying that I needed to call mom and dad and let them know he would be joining us for dinner.  I kept running back and forth from the tv room to the bedroom in all my chatter.  (According to B, he kept trying to go down on one knee, but I was back and forth too quick!)After about the 5th trip back and forth, B took me by the hands, began to say some sweet words, then he went down on one knee and asked me to marry him.  I said yes, and fell down on top of him.  We both giggle at the memory because our cat, Court, was sitting on the chair in the tv room, with his head cocked to the side like, "WTH is wrong with those two?!"

I remember calling my bff, who was studying at the Kempsville Library at the time.  She did a :silent scream: for us, then we invited her out to dinner with us (by this time, B had informed me that my parents weren't actually taking me out to dinner.  They knew he was coming).  We drove over to their house, told them the news, and showed off my beautiful ring.

It was a beautiful night, and it was not fun letting B leave the next morning.  We both had to go back to work, though it was tempting to call out! We spent the next 5 months driving back and forth between our homes, before I moved out to Richmond at the end of June.

I love reminiscing about how it all began.  It is bittersweet that we were engaged 8 years ago, and married 7 months later.  Although these 8 years have seemed to go by in a blink, looking back, it also seems like the slowest 8 years of our lives.

Life goes on... whether you are ready for it or not!